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Wool Rugs



This selection of Natural Wool Rugs is a gallery of possibilities. Combinations of wool patterns with bespoke border choices demonstates the versitility of this enduring material. A range of sizes can be chosen and saved to your basket for consideration.

If the size or border you desire is not listed below, create the rug you want using our bespoke Rug Designer


Want a sample? We offer a Free Sample Service.

Wool Range

Striped Wool Range

Wool Stripe

Require Something Bespoke?



At The Natural Rug Company, we understand that your living space is as unique as you are. That's why we offer a Bespoke Service that can be accessed via our Rug Designer.

The tool allows you to create custom Wool Rugs to suit your personal style. You can select the perfect size for your needs. Then, choosing from a large selection of exquisite border materials and colors, ensure your rug becomes a true reflection of your taste and vision.

Bespoke Design
Our rug team are highly trained and experienced at making stunning bespoke rugs

Made in Britain

All our rugs are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible quality standards

Free Shipping

We offer Free Delivery as Standard on all rug orders

15 Years of Experience

Choose the Rug Company that has been serving customers with a focus on excellence for more than 15 years

Our Wool Rug Range

Bespoke Wool Alpine Rug with Aluminium Border

Our Wool  Natural Rugs are made from 100% Wool, there is a vast choice of weaves from thick sumptuous pile to flatter weaves for heavier tread areas, along with a selection of wonderful colourful stripes.  We also have a range of Sisool which is a mixture of Wool and Sisal.

Below you can see some of our more popular Wool Rugs which you can purchase in standard sizes.  All rugs are made to order and take four weeks to be made.  You do not have to stick to standard sizes your rug can be made to any size you wish, simply design your own wool rug in our Rug Designer or Contact us for further information.

A large wool rug can redefine a space. A small wool rug can highlight a key aspect of a room. Layering textures is also a fantastic way to make any room feel cosy.

The border can be either Cotton, Linen, Chenille, Leather or Suede, colour of your choice from a range of over 100 different options.  

Use the pre-sized bespoke rugs below to inspire you to design your own custom rug in our Rug Designer.

Wool Mississippi Pattern Striped Rug with Black Border


For help, advice, information, to order samples or obtain a price for your Natural Wool Rug or Runner please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Telephone: 03330 344 403

Why Choose Wool?

Wool Area Rug with Blue Border

Wool has been used in the manufacture of rugs for thousands of years. It is durable, easy to work and can be dyed and woven into intricate patterns. A sheep’s coat is a renewable resource grown and tended to each year to keep them healthy, prevent illness and to prevent them overheating. A rug will last for centuries, but at the end of its life the fibres are biodegradable, organic and non-toxic.


Large wool rugs can be used to section off spacious rooms, providing roles to a specific area for relaxation. Small wool rugs can be used to bring attention to a piece of furniture, highlighting it, or paired with a piece of art to add a sense of harmony. Runners can be used to guide the eye and direct the body through a space.

You can also choose from a huge variety of styles for the weave and pattern. Striped wool rugs and runners add dynamic elegance. Whereas the plain white wool rug will sit perfectly alongside any interior scheme.


As well as beauty they provide practical benefits. They add a level of comfort and warmth. They can insulate against noise and provide a natural air purification, trapping allergens, and balancing humidity. Wool is a wonderful choice for any room.

Bedroom Soft Wool Rug with Brown Border
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