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Jute Rugs

Let our pre-configured range of Natural Jute Rugs below provide inspiration for your room. Combinations of jute weaves with bespoke border choices demonstate the versitility of this beautiful material. A range of sizes can be chosen and saved to your basket for consideration.


If the size or border you desire is not listed below, create the rug you want using our bespoke Rug Designer


Want a sample? Take advantage of our Free Sample Service

    Require Something Bespoke?

    At The Natural Rug Company, we understand that your living space is as unique as you are. That's why we offer a Bespoke Service that can be accessed via our Rug Designer.

    The tool allows you to create custom Jute Rugs to suit your personal style. You can select the perfect size for your needs. Then, choosing from a large selection of exquisite border materials and colors, ensure your rug becomes a true reflection of your taste and vision.

    Bespoke Design
    Our rug team are highly trained and experienced at making stunning bespoke rugs

    Made in Britain

    All our rugs are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible quality standards

    Free Shipping

    We offer Free Delivery as Standard on all rug orders

    15 Years of Experience

    Choose the Rug Company that has been serving customers with a focus on excellence for more than 15 years

    Our Jute Rug Range

    Jute-Tweed - JT803 - Meditation Room Interior Design

    We take a lot of pride in our Jute Rug selection – where elegance meets the natural allure of the earth. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of style and sustainability as you discover the pinnacle of organic beauty for your home.

    Large Jute rugs can serve as a grounding influence on a room's atmosphere and enhance a sense of expansive luxury. A small Jute Rug can complement other decor and create a distinctive textural contrasts.

    Our Jute Rugs are more than just floor coverings; they are a declaration of cultivated taste and a dedication to eco-conscious living.

    What is Jute?

    Jute is grown in Asia and has been used for centuries as a natural material to make many hand-crafted items. Created from the stalks of the Corchorus plant, native to India and Bangladesh, Jute is one of the smoothest natural flooring materials.

    Made from 100% Jute, the resulting fibres are strong and relax over time making it ideal for a soft Jute rug, Jute Runner, Jute Mats and floor carpeting.

    The Corchorus plant grows quickly, so that source is naturally replenished and it is harvested and processed with non-toxic and eco-conscious methods.
    Jute is a robust and soft natural fibre that effortlessly balances a modern design feel and timeless elegance. Known as 'golden fiber' for its colour any room that includes a rug made of this beautiful natural material is one that will benefit from its warmth.

    All Jute Rugs UK hand-crafted by a highly skilled team. Choose a Jute rug with border combination today.

    Jute Area Rug with decorative book on top


    For help, advice, information, to order samples or obtain a price for your Natural Jute Rug or Runner please do not hesitate to get in touch.


    Telephone: 03330 344 403

    What We Offer

    The colour and weaves we supply are neutral, never overpower a space and yet also possess an aura of natural warmth and softness that is sure to add to the comforting appeal of any room.

    Our Jute Natural Rugs can be made in three different weaves, each having a different texture and look but all coming in the distinctive honeyed appearance.


    The border of your Jute Rug can be Cotton, Linen, Chenille, or Leather and we have a huge range of colours available to attach your own style to your new rug. The material harmonises with so many options and with virtually any interior style.


    You can use our Rug Designer right now to experiment with different options. Or take a look at some of the signature styles we have listed below for some inspiration

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