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Biscayne Turquoise Wool Rug with Cotton Herringbone Cream Border

Biscayne Turquoise Striped Wool Rug with Cotton Herringbone Cream Border

PriceFrom £252.20

Infuse your space with vitality through the dynamic design of Biscayne Stripe Turquoise, framed by a Cotton Herringbone Cream border. The striped wool rug, with its vibrant sea blue to sage and forest green shades, allows you to express your individual style while creating a renewing atmosphere.

The luxurious construction, crafted from 100% New Zealand wool, offers a distinctive style, blending wider bands of blue with delicate threads of off-white for a dynamic and luxurious look.


Ideal for heavily used areas like hallways and stairs, Biscayne Stripe Turquoise elevates narrow spaces with a waterfall of lively colour. Its ability to mask stains makes it as practical as it is pretty, ensuring both durability and visual appeal. This vivacious choice suits classic and contemporary homes alike, bringing timeless energy to your space and creating a kaleidoscope of hues that seamlessly pull your room together.

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