Coir Door Matting


Coir matting is made from the coarse fibres of coconut husks. It has a coarse texture that is ideal for scraping mud and dirt from shoes at your home entrance.  It is a natural product with a natural traditional appearance, and is often used in mat wells and recesses.

It generally comes in it's own natural colour but as the fibres can be dyed it is also available in four additional colours which can be seen in our shop below.

Coir matting comes in two different widths either 1 metre or 2 metres and you can have whatever length you wish.

We have 3 different lengths in each width available to purchase easily in our shop below, but if you require a specific length please let us know and we will be pleased to quote.  Contact details.

Coir matting is easy to cut (reverse side up) with a sharp stanley knife


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