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Enigma Pattern Enchanted Forest Wool Rug with Wool Felt French Navy Border

Enigma Pattern Wool Rug with Wool Felt French Navy Border

PriceFrom £288.19

Introducing Enigma Enchanted Forest, a captivating patterned wool rug designed for the creatives at heart. This zig-zag design, green background with darker green detailing, creates a show-stopping design inspired by the powerful energy of life in folkloric woodlands.

Crafted with precision using 100% wool, Enigma is not only vibrant but also versatile, offering ageless durability and soft, organic texture with a natural insulating quality.


Much like its name's meaning, rugs in the Enigma collection bring bold dynamic design without compromising on robust construction. This stand-out patterning becomes a dazzling symbol of both style and substance.


Whether placed in traditional or modern homes, Enigma Enchanted Forest serves as a unique talking point, brightening up dark spaces with vibrant bands of colour with contrasting moody detailing and offering an energising atmosphere that evokes the depth of folkloric forests.


Sumptuously soft underfoot, Enigma Enchanted Forest is an inspirational addition to any space where creativity takes centre stage.

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