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All our rugs, even if a standard size ordered from our online shop, are all made to order so allow 3-4 weeks from date of order for your rug to be complete.


Once your rug is complete we will contact you to organise a convenient day to deliver the rug to you.  We use a next day delivery service with a reputable courier which is free of charge within the UK.  We will never despatch without talking to you first so rest assured your rug will not arrive without you knowing.


We also offer a Premium delivery service where you can request a before midday or Saturday morning delivery for a charge of £30.


We quote individually for overseas deliveries as this depends on size and weight of rug. Please get in touch if you would like a quote. 

Product Specific Notes

Size Notes:

  • Rugs and Runners that are over 4m in length and less than 2m wide will be subject to an added 25% cost, this is because of the added complexity for the craftspeople making the item.

  • Our products are hand made and so there is a + or - 10mm tolerance that must be taken into account because of the crafting process.

Borders Notes: 

  • With all Leather and Suede Borders it should be noted that as natural hides are used the borders will show joins every 40-120cms. Where these seams appear they are quality controlled and rigorously checked to ensure they are extremely robust and suitable for heavy domestic use.


Because all our rugs are made to order we cannot offer an exchange or refund unless the rug is damaged on receipt.  In the event that this happens you must let us know as soon as you have opened the rug, we cannot be held responsible for any damage once rug has been used.


In the unlikely event there is a problem we will either ask you to take pictures of the damage and send to us or if local we will come and inspect the rug ourselves.  We will then take appropriate steps to collect the damaged rug and organise a replacement asap.


We encourage customers to always have samples of our products to see the colour and texture for real, as we cannot refund or exchange a rug just because you do not like the colour or have changed your mind.


Because our products are all made from natural materials, there will be slight variations in the yarn, weave and colour which is all part of the charm of a natural rug.  During its lifetime, your natural rug will naturally lighten in colour.


A simple vacuum with a suction only cleaner, with no beater bars is needed to avoid damage and keep your treasured rug looking its best.


Most of the plant fibre and wool materials have a degree of stain resistance but some like Jute and Sisal are more prone to marking from liquids.  In all cases we advise you to opt for INTEC stain inhibition treatment on your new rug which we organise prior to delivery.


If and when accidents do happen, tackle them as quickly as possible using a clean dry white cloth to soak up the liquid without rubbing the floorcovering.  We also advise you to purchase and keep to hand the Crucial Trading Care and Cleaning Kit.  This is available on the link below along with more information on aftercare.


The cleaning kit includes specially developed cleansing and shampooing solutions together with applicators and full instructions on how to deal with a variety of spills.

Intec Stain Procection T&Cs




INTEC Stain Protection is not to be taken as a guarantee that your rug cannot or will not be stained. All carpets behave differently to different types of stains, The Natural Rug Company always advise to use a specifically designed care and cleaning kit to clear up stains regardless of if you have INTEC stain treatment applied or not to ensure the protection of your purchase.
The Natural Rug Company will not be held responsible for any stains and will not be liable to replace or repair any damage caused to your rug, flooring or other items, by stains caused by the customer or anyone else after the application of Intec stain protection.

INTEC is an aid to the proper and correct care of Natural Rugs and we have a comprehensive Care Guide which can be consulted for the best practice for each material type.

Cost of Application

The cost to apply INTEC is a non-refundable option for your rug.

This is to ensure that costs incurred by The Natural Rug Company in applying the covering are covered. The fee in question is for the technician’s time as well as for the coating, which cannot be recovered, and so would not be subject to refund.


Allergies Liability

The Natural Rug Company are not responsible for any allergic reaction or any side effects a person or animal may have caused, or brought on by Intec stain protection. 
At the time of writing The Natural Rug Company are not aware of any adverse side effects or allergies relating to the application of this product. Intec is water based and does not contain harmful solvents, plastics or CFCS according to our knowledge and the documentation available from the manufacturer. The product has been in use in this as well as many other industries for over 30 years without recorded reaction.

The customer is responsible for doing any further research into Intec stain treatment prior to application by our technicians in order to make sure they will not have an allergic reaction or other health related issues. The Natural Rug Company should always be made aware of any allergies or intolerances the customer, or any other residents, animals or persons who may have any contact with treated areas may have, before the treatment is selected and we reserve the right to decline to add the treatment if these intolerances are brought to our attention.

Product Specific Notes
Intec Stain Protection
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