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Mississippi Premium Copper and Black Striped Wool Rug Linen Twill Black Border under a modern dining table setup

Mississippi Premium Copper and Black Striped Wool Rug Linen Twill Black Border

PriceFrom £290.96

Embrace the refined durability of Mississippi Premium Copper/Black, featuring the sophisticated Linen Twill Black border type. This striped wool rug introduces a harmonious blend of mellow shades, skillfully woven in pure wool luxury, offering a perfect solution for spaces yearning for visual interest.

The contrasting hues of raven black, orange, and grey create soft lines that rejuvenate the mind, unveiling a rich and pleasing autumnal palette.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Mississippi Premium collection is a celebration of premium materials, exclusively fashioned from 100% pure wool.


Drawing inspiration from the vitality of the 'Great Waters,' this range mirrors the warmth, breathability, and ageless durability of the iconic river. Mississippi State, a vibrant tapestry of food, music, and culture, lends its intangible sense of soul to our premium collection, infusing your space with an immediate feeling of home.


In the realm of design, Mississippi Premium Copper/Black stands as a modern icon with an old soul, captivating all with its kindred sense of spirit. The thin striped pattern, showcasing a stunning selection of shades, effortlessly enhances the size and balance of any space. This rug becomes a seamless companion to organic elements like linen, wood and leather, creating an enchanting fusion that elevates your surroundings with enduring charm and soulful allure.

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