Which is the most hardwearing of the Natural products?

All of our natural products are hard wearing and we would expect a rug to last you for a number of years before showing any signs of wear. The most hardwearing of them all however is Sisal.

Does the measurement of my rug include the border?

Yes it does, the border is wrapped over the edge of the product chosen for the rug and stitched into place.

Is there a maximum or minimum size I can purchase?

There is no minimum size, we can make a rug as small as a doormat. With regards to large rugs, the maximum width we can make a rug is 4 or 5 metres, which is the standard widths of all carpets and natural products. The length can be up to 8 metres for standard orders and if you are looking for anything larger; please contact us to discuss prior to ordering.

How long does it take for a rug to be made?

We always make sure rugs are sent to our customers as soon as we possibly can. As a general rule the rugs are made with 3 weeks from date of order/cleared payment, providing stock is available. If there should be a problem with stock then we will inform you straight away.

How do I clean a Natural Rug?

You can find details of cleaning on our website link below: https://www.naturalrugcompany.co.uk/care--cleaning

What is the difference between Sisal and Seagrass?

Sisal is made from a plant leaf and Seagrass is made from a hardy grass that withstands copious amounts of ocean salt and raging typhoons. Due to the nature of the product; Seagrass is only available in the one natural colour, but there are a few different weaves available. Read more on Seagrass here.
However Sisal comes in a variety of different colours and weaves. Read more on Sisal here.

How do I order a rug?

A rug can be ordered online via our Rug Shop or via our Rug Designer. Alternatively if you would like to discuss options and request samples please contact us we are happy to help and advise on the best rug for your needs.

Do you have a free sampling service?

Yes we do! In fact we encourage you to request samples as it is best to see the colours and textures of the products for real rather than just an image on a screen. If you would like to request some samples either contact us or use our online rug builder to create a rug and request samples for your creation.

Do you have a brochure?

Yes we have a brochure illustrating all the products available from which rugs can be made including the full range of borders. Please contact us to request a brochure.

Can I return or exchange a rug?

All our rugs are made to order to your exact dimensions and choice, so cannot be returned for refund or exchange as they are a bespoke product. Hence why we advise samples to be viewed before purchasing a rug. To request samples please contact us.

What do I do if the rug is damaged?

All our rugs are meticulously checked at time of making and are signed off as being up to standard by the inspector. A signed certificate is issued packed inside the rug to confirm this has been done. However, on the rare ocassion that your rug arrives with severe damaged packaging it is important that you sign for the parcel and mark it ‘unchecked on receipt’ with the delivery driver. Once rug has been unpacked, if there should be any damage you must inform us as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for any damage once the rug has been used.

What is the charge for delivery?

Standard delivery within the UK is free of charge. We offer a premium delivery service which means you can request a before midday or Saturday delivery. There is a charge of £25 for this. Delivery overseas we have to quote for seperately as cost depends on size and weight of rug.

Do you supply overseas?

Yes we do, it takes the usual 3 weeks for rug to be made plus 3 - 14 days delivery depending on the destination of the rug. Delivery charge is dependent upon size of rug and destination.

Which product is best for under a Dining Table?

Either a smooth tightly woven Sisal, Wool or Seagrass as you need a smoother surface to enable dining chairs to move across the rug with ease. When measuring for a Dining Table rug- always allow enough measurement to make sure you can comfortably pull out the chairs and sit down and keep the chair on the rug otherwise you risk damaging the bordered edge of the rug when pulling and pushing chairs in and out of the table.

Do I need Antislip under my rug?

Depends on the product chosen. Sisal, Seagrass, Jute and Coir have a natural latex backing and this stops all slippage. Wool however has an actionbac or jute backing and can slip, so antislip would be advisable. Larger wool rugs or rugs with furniture on top probably won’t need antislip as the furniture keeps the rug in place.

Can I have underlay under my rug?

Yes you can and it does make the rug feel more luxurious to walk on. We can supply a rubber/felt underlay which works extremely well with all our rugs. This is cut to suit the size of your rug.

Frequently Asked Questions