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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ area. We aim to cover as much of the typical questions in this area and have split it into two sections.

About Rugs and Runners

About Our Service

Remember that we can be contacted via Phone or Email and are happy to answer any questions you have or just to expand on any information below.


For help, advice, information, to order samples or obtain a price for your Natural Jute Rug or Runner please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Telephone: 03330 344 403

Frequently Asked Questions About Rugs

Are your Rugs really natural?


Yes. All of our natural rugs and runners are made of naturally sourced materials. We have pages that are dedicated to each particular material and they are listed and linked below.



Which is the Most Hardwearing Natural Rug?

All of our natural products are hard-wearing, and we expect a rug to last for a number of years before showing any signs of wear. The most hardwearing of them all, however, is Sisal. For details on how to look after a Natural Rug to ensure it lasts for many years a guide can be found here.


Which Natural Rug is the softest?


In the range of plant-based natural rugs Jute is considered to be the softest underfoot and therefore is best for low traffic areas of the home. Wool is the softest natural material we offer. A material called Sisool offers a blend of Sisal and Wool to create a rug that stands out for its unique qualities. The best test is ordering a sample and comparing them for yourself.


Does the Measurement of My Rug Include the Border?


Yes, it does. The border is wrapped over the edge of the product chosen for the rug and stitched into place.


Why Are There Seams in My Leather Border?


With leather borders, a join/seam will be shown approximately every 40-120cm. This is due to the material being made from a natural hide.

Is There a Maximum or Minimum Size I Can Purchase?


There is no minimum size; we can make a rug as small as a doormat. Regarding large rugs, the maximum width we can make a rug is 4 or 5 metres, which is the standard width of all carpets and natural products. The length can be up to 7 metres for standard orders. If you are looking for anything larger, please contact us to discuss prior to ordering.

How Long Does It Take for a Rug to Be Made?


We always make sure rugs are sent to our customers as soon as possible. As a general rule, the rugs are made within 4 weeks from the date of order/cleared payment, providing stock is available. If there should be a problem with stock, then we will inform you straight away. After a rug is made it is ready to be delivered and it is prudent to set aside a week for this; though it usually only takes 3-5 business days.


How Do I Clean a Natural Rug?


We have written a comprehensive guide to the Care and Cleaning of your Natural Rug. Follow this link to find it and if you have any further questions you can contact us and we can advise you. 


Can natural rugs get wet?


Rugs made from natural fibres are not advised to be placed anywhere where they are likely to become wet. They can be treated with Intec Stain Protection Treatment which offers them a defence against absorbing water and discoloration, but that does not make them waterproof. If a spill occurs, mop up the liquid as soon as possible.

Can natural rugs cause allergies?

Natural Rugs are considered hypoallergenic. Our natural fibre rugs shed very little and as a result there is very little airborne that might irritate your system. Research shows that natural rugs can actually work to trap allergens and, as long as regular vacuuming takes place, they will improve air quality as a result.

Do Natural Rugs shed?


Anything made of fibres will occasionally shed. During the conditioning process the rug is likely to shed more than it will over the regular course of its life, this is to be expected and will reduce after time.

What Is the Difference Between Sisal and Seagrass?


Sisal is made from a plant leaf, and Seagrass is made from a hardy grass that withstands copious amounts of ocean salt and raging typhoons. Due to the nature of the product, Seagrass is only available in the one natural colour, but there are a few different weaves available. Read more on Seagrass here. Sisal, in comparison, comes in a vast array of different colours and weaves. Read more about Sisal here.


Can Natural Rugs be used in bathrooms?


The placement of your rug is entirely up to you. In a large bathroom space you may decide to place your rug away from the shower, bath and sink. However, if there is any concern that the rug will encounter water, it is best placed in another location.


There are natural appearing alternatives that we have in our Rug Store under the heading of New England which can be viewed here. That range is textured/coloured to resemble a Sisal weave and is perfect for outdoor use because it is UV stable (will not discolour in the Sun) and water resistant.


Which Product Is Best for Under a Dining Table?


Either a smooth tightly woven Sisal, Wool, or Seagrass as you need a smoother surface to enable dining chairs to move across the rug with ease. When measuring for a Dining Table rug, always allow enough measurement to make sure you can comfortably pull out the chairs and sit down and keep the chair on the rug, otherwise, you risk damaging the bordered edge of the rug when pulling and pushing chairs in and out of the table.


Can rugs be used outdoors?



It is not advisable, due to the uncertainty of UK weather, that you place a Natural Fibre Rug or Runner outside. There are natural appearing alternatives that we have in our Rug Store under the heading of New England which can be viewed here. That range is textured/coloured to resemble a Sisal weave and is perfect for outdoor use because it is UV stable (will not discolour in the Sun) and water resistant.


Do I Need an Anti Slip or Underlay Under My Rug?


This will depend on the product chosen. Sisal, Seagrass, Jute, and Coir have a natural latex backing and this prevents slippage. Wool has an Action Bac or Jute backing which reduces slipping, but is not designed for all floor surfaces. Larger wool rugs or rugs with furniture on top probably won’t need Anti slip as the furniture keeps the rug in place.


Underlay or Anti Slip is always a good choice to accompany any rug type because it performs many functions. As well as reducing slipping it will create a barrier that protects the rug backing against uneven floor surfaces such as tiling. Additionally the added layer will perform as an insulator and soften the experience of walking over the rug surface even more adding a more luxurious feel.


What if I have pets?


Most pets will leave Natural Rugs alone if good-natured. Our Rugs and Runners are natural and non-toxic. For accidents, read about spills and soiling here. New Puppies have a reputation for chewing out of habit and we would recommend the rug is kept in a separate room until they have grown out of this behaviour.

Bespoke Design
Our rug team are highly trained and experienced at making stunning bespoke rugs

Made in Britain

All our rugs are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible quality standards

Free Shipping

We offer Free Delivery as Standard on all rug orders

15 Years of Experience

We have been serving customers with a focus on excellence for more than 15 years

Questions About Our Service

How Do I Order a Rug?


Rugs and Runners can be ordered online via our Rug Shop or via our Rug Designer. You can also opt to be sent samples of your selection and the process is outlined if you are having any trouble here.


Alternatively, if you would like to discuss options and request samples, please contact us; we are happy to help and advise on the best rug for your needs. Our friendly customer service team is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you.


Do You Have a Free Sampling Service?


Yes, we do! In fact, we encourage you to request samples as it is best to see the colours and textures of the products. Although our online images are curated to provide an accurate representation of the materials, nothing beats holding a sample in hand and assessing it in situ.


If you would like to request samples, either contact us or use our online rug designer to create a rug and request samples for your creation.


Do You Have a Brochure?


Yes, we have a brochure illustrating all the products available from which rugs can be made, including the full range of borders. Please contact us to request a brochure.


Can I Return or Exchange a Rug?


All our rugs are made to order to your exact dimensions and selection, so cannot be returned for refund or exchange as they are a bespoke product. We always advise samples to be viewed before purchasing a rug to be extra certain of your decision.


To read about our Fast and Free Sample Service go here. To request samples, please contact us.


What Do I Do If the Rug Is Damaged?


All our rugs are meticulously checked at the time of making and are signed off as being up to standard by an inspector. A signed certificate is issued packed inside the rug to confirm this has been done.


However, on the rare occasion that your rug arrives with severely damaged packaging, it is important that you sign for the parcel and mark it ‘unchecked on receipt’ with the delivery driver.


Once the rug has been fully unpacked, if there should be any damage, you must inform us as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for any damage once the rug has been used.


What Is the Charge for Delivery?


Standard delivery within the UK mainland is free of charge.


We offer a premium delivery service which means you can request a before midday or Saturday delivery. There is a charge for this. Please get in touch to find out how much.


To non-mainland UK addresses, we have to quote separately as the cost depends on size and weight of the rug.

Do You Supply Overseas?


Yes, we do. It takes the usual 4 weeks for a rug to be made plus 3-14 days delivery depending on the destination of the rug.

Delivery charge is dependent upon the size of the rug and destination, so get in touch for a quote.

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