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Dark Grey Wool Rug with Vintage Leather Camel Border

Black Linen n' Wool Rug with Vintage Leather Camel Border

PriceFrom £404.49

Linen N Wool Black, complemented by a Vintage Leather Camel, is a Rug that signposts refinement. Rich charcoal shades intertwined with threads of soft black evokes a sense of poise and style. And the surprise of a Vintage Leather Camel hue border is a delight.

Crafted with precision, Linen N Wool Black stands as a classic model of organic rug construction, blending 55% wool and 45% flax.


This exquisite combination not only offers superior warmth but also boasts a rich organic texture and a tasteful tufted finish. The result is a rug that is as durable as it is luxurious, making it suitable for bustling hallways or calm studios without compromising on style and elegance.


The versatility of Linen N Wool Black shines through, seamlessly adapting to both classic and contemporary schemes with a subtle hint of heritage appeal. Whether enhancing the original characteristics of a period home or bringing enduring natural elegance to modern properties, this rug becomes a vision of vibrant style and sophistication.

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