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Natural Rug and Carpet
Cleaning Kit

Take advantage of our comprehensive cleaning guide.

Cleaning Guide

First Aid For Your Rug

Dealing with Spills

Act promptly when spills happen. For clear liquids, use a dry towel to mop up and allow it to dry naturally. If the liquid has colour (wine, juice, etc.), mop up with a dry towel and then use a stain remover on the area. Spray the stain remover onto a cloth, avoiding direct application to the rug.

Mud and Heavy Soiling:

In case of substantial soiling, such as mud, let the dirt dry completely before brushing along the weave structure with a stiff brush. Our Cleaning Kit includes a brush for this purpose. Follow up by vacuuming the rug.

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Our rug team are highly trained and experienced at making stunning bespoke rugs

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All our rugs are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible quality standards

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