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Oriental Carbon Sisal Rug with Slate Border

Oriental Carbon Sisal Rug with Slate Border

PriceFrom £236.97

Enhance your living area with this Oriental Carbon Sisal Rug, showcasing a meticulously woven sisal in a captivating charcoal black hue. The sophisticated pattern seamlessly fuses traditional interior influences from centuries past with contemporary tones and textures, creating an irresistible weave that effortlessly elevates the ambiance of any space.

Boasting robust natural fibers, the Sisal Oriental Carbon design isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's a pragmatic option for high-traffic spaces like hallways, stairs, or playrooms, showcasing impressive durability against wear.

The iconic herringbone pattern, synonymous with upscale aesthetics, injects invigorating visual allure into your environment. Taking cues from twill fabric and embracing British heritage, the Sisal Oriental Carbon Rug achieves a visually harmonious blend of patterns and texture, effortlessly revitalizing any living space.

Sisal Oriental Carbon, adorned with its sleek carbon black shade, reminiscent of the mineral it's named after. This design, featuring flecks of blacks and greys, seamlessly amalgamates style with functionality, making it an ideal choice for heavily frequented areas within your home.

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