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Intec Stain Protection

What is Intec Stain Protection?

Intec Stain Protection was originally designed and developed for high-traffic commercial applications. Locations like retail stores and hotels needed a comprehensive stain protection that offered lasting defence against wear and tear, dirt particulates and spills. This innovative water-based treatment was the result of that effort and it can offer a huge benefit when applied to your household rug too.

The Benefits of Intec Stain Protection:

Invisible & Odourless: Intec forms an invisible, odourless and non-toxic barrier that coats each and every fibre in the weave of your Natural Rug, ensuring that they retain their natural colour and are easier to care for.

Anti-Static: It utilises an anti-static agent that prevents the attraction of dry soils, ensuring that they can be removed simply and efficiently with nothing more than your regular vacuuming schedule. ​That extra shield also ensures that the regular abrasive influence of foot traffic is minimised, which makes it ideal for Hallway Runners and Stair Runners.

Anti-Spill: The liquid prevention coating means that any spills can be absorbed by blotting with an absorbent cloth meaning that there is a reduced likelihood that liquids will be absorbed by the Rug Fibre and cause staining. This ensures that any Dining Area Rug would be at a huge disadvantage without Intec's impeccable defence. 

This small investment at the point of creating your rug ensures that you have peace of mind when enjoying your new purchase.

How do stains happen and how can Intec help?

Wondering how to care for your new natural rug? Whether it's a cozy Jute rug, a sophisticated Sisal runner, or a luxurious Wool area rug, maintaining its pristine appearance and longevity requires just a touch more gentleness compared to other rugs. Natural fiber rugs bring a unique blend of beauty and durability to your home, and with the right care, they can remain a stunning feature for years to come.

In this section, we’ll walk you through simple yet effective tips to keep your natural rug looking fresh and beautiful. From regular vacuuming to handling those inevitable spills, we've got you covered. Follow these steps to ensure your natural rug gets the VIP treatment it deserves, adding warmth and style to your home for the long term.

A standard rug's fibres if untreated are exposed to the elements. If they are a material like Seagrass they will have a natural resistance to water, but that is only minimal protection and can be levelled up with a quick treatment of Intec.

Intec Stain Protection coats each fibre and has the potential to lessen the impact of friction caused by regular foot traffic.

Any homeowner knows that smells adhere to fibres over time, they appear subtly but take hold quickly and are hard to remove. With the application of Intec Stain Protection, you can be confident that scents cannot pernitrate and linger.

When a liquid falls onto a Natural Rug, it will be absorbed by those Fibres and the absorbed colour and smell impregnates the material creating a lasting stain.

What Intec Stain Protection provides is a robust coating over each individual fibre. This barrier blocks the absorption of the liquid, so that it is forced to stay on top.


The liquid will usually bead at the surface of the rug, ready to be blotted with a cleaning cloth. This even includes oil based spills!

Meanwhile the anti-static qualities of the Intec deflects the accumulation of dirt particles.


A regular vacuuming is all that is required to ensure the cleanliness of your Rug for years to come.

Is Intec Safe?

Intec is water based and it does not contain harmful solvents. This means it is non-toxic and safe for all rooms.

Intec does not alter the fabric's colour, texture or flame retardancy, so even the most delicate rugs can be treated with confidence.

Intec products are manufactured to ISO 9000 quality standards and the latest EC environmental and safety requirements (ISO 14001).

What is Intec Made From?

Intec is continually developed to ensure that it remains the most efficient, cost effective, ecologically sound rug protector on the market. It is water-based and non-toxic.

The technology is an innovative micronised emulsion of a reactive siloxane molecule. This provides a highly effective barrier without the issues of re-soiling typically associated with more traditional silicone-based products.

Intec Frequently Asked Questions

What is INTEC Stain protection?

Intec delivers exceptional safeguarding for your rug utilising its ground-breaking invisible shield technology. Crafted with natural ingredients, Intec establishes a protective barrier enveloping each individual fibre of your rug. This ensures superior defence against water, oil-based stains, and everyday soiling.

Will Intec wear off with time or after cleaning?

No, Intec is extremely hard wearing and in most domestic situations only needs to be applied once. There is the option of getting Intec added after the rug is delivered, but this requires a specialist professional and is not a service we provide. This is why it is really important to take advantage of our custom rug options.

How should I clean my Intec treated carpets and fabrics?

Regular vacuum cleaning is normally sufficient. If necessary regular carpet cleaning procedures apply but avoid aggressive detergents. There is a specifically designed Care and Cleaning Kit that will help freshen up your Rug and attend to any stains on the border fabric of your rug.

Does Intec change the colour or texture of my fabrics?

No, Intec is so fine that once applied it does not alter the look, feel or touch of your furnishings. This is the major benefit of this style of protective treatment, as it does not impair the look of your bespoke nature fibre rug.

Is there any odour from Intec-treated fabrics?

No, Intec is colourless and odourless.

Why should I apply Intec rather than another available product on the market?

Independent tests have shown that Intec is more efficient and durable than other products. Intec does not contain any waxes. Intec is applied during the craft process, making it far more cost effective than application at a later stage which typically involves a visit from a qualified flooring professional which means minimal disruption. Additionally it is environmentally friendly.

How do I clean up spills and stains?

Intec prevents spilled liquids from being absorbed by the treated fabrics so any spilled liquid is easily removed by blotting it with absorbent paper (such as absorbent kitchen roll) or a clean cloth (clean towel). Do not rub, just blot by exerting a little pressure on the spilled area.

Will all liquids spilt bead up on the surface of the textile?

Depending on the nature of the weave and its surface tension, some liquids (particularly hot liquids) might not bead on the surface, but will lay between the treated fibres, making them just as easy to remove, but not as visible.

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