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Rug Fibre Guide: Exploring the Best Natural Fibers for Your Home

Welcome to our Rug Fibre Guide, your ultimate resource for discovering the finest natural fibers used in crafting luxurious and sustainable rugs. From the robust and versatile sisal to the soft and eco-friendly jute, this guide covers a variety of materials, each with unique benefits and aesthetic appeal.​

GPC20206381 Sisal Oriental E100.jpg


Sisal, a robust rug fibre derived from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant. Is meticulously selected for our Natural Rugs to ensure a premium grade that results in luxurious Sisal Rugs. Our conscious commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability is evident throughout the production process. With nearly 1,000 fibers in each leaf, the extraction, washing, sun drying, brushing, grading, and baling are carried out with precision.

Renowned for its durability, Sisal is a fantastic material for Rugs and Runners. Its inherent strength makes it a preferred choice for high traffic areas. Its versatility allows it to be dyed and weaved in many ways, offering a spectrum of tones to choose from.

Benefits: robust, with lots of colour & weave options

Jute - Jhutex - JT700.jpg


Jute, a soft-touch and sustainable material, is an excellent choice for crafting rugs in the UK. This long, soft, and lustrous vegetable fiber can be spun into robust threads, making it ideal for rug production.

One of the key advantages of Jute is its sustainability and biodegradability, aligning perfectly with eco-conscious practices.

Jute cannot be dyed, but that means that it is instantly recognisable. High quality Jute had a gounding, honey-coloured tone that instantly harmonises with any interior location. Perfect to make any space a little more welcoming and contemplative.

Benefits: soft, with harmonzing appeal and tone.

Seagrass Original SG.jpg


​Seagrass, derived from the Sedge family of plants thriving in the Asia-Pacific region's low-lying areas, offers a multitude of benefits that make it an excellent choice for crafting rugs. Harvested from flooded paddy fields and meticulously hand-twisted by skilled workers, seagrass boasts exceptional strength, durability, and non-porous qualities. Its naturally smooth texture, subtle sheen, and warm hue not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of carpets and rugs but also contribute to their longevity.

Moreover, seagrass's innate stain resistance due to its fiber's natural shell makes it an ideal material for high-traffic areas in homes or commercial spaces. While its color palette is limited to natural tones, this limitation is a testament to its authenticity and eco-friendliness. Seagrass has the benefit of being a carbon capture crop and also produces huge amounts of oxygen during its growth cycle.

Benefits: high tensile strength, natural water resistance



Wool, sourced from sheep, is an exceptional choice for area rugs due to its numerous benefits. This natural fiber is environmentally friendly as it comes from a renewable source - shorn from sheep every 9-12 months. Wool boasts superior crush resistance compared to other fibers, ensuring durability and longevity in rugs. It is no wonder it has been used in textiles since 10,000 BCE.

Area rugs made of wool offer a luxurious and soft feel that enhances the comfort and aesthetics of any space. The use of premium wool fibers, sourced from either British or New Zealand farms, guarantees a high-end product with lasting beauty. Wool can be dyed to add to its versitility and appeal and is the softest underfoot flooring. Woven into endless weaves and patterns, providing a plush and inviting surface for years to come.

Benefits: softness and cosiness underfoot, ultimate in customisable options

Sisool Masai Soft Grey M607.jpeg


Sisool, a blend of Wool and Sisal, is an exceptional choice for crafting area rugs due to its unique combination of qualities. This blend combines two of the most durable natural fibers, resulting in rugs that are not only long-lasting but also offer a softer underfoot feel compared to pure sisal rugs. The incorporation of Sisal adds a touch of plant fiber flair to the rug, enhancing its visual appeal.

Sisool stands out as an excellent choice for area rugs due to its durability, softness, visual appeal, and eco-conscious production methods. Not only that but it is a unique look that few interiors can boast. Having a rug in this material will be an instant conversation starter when you ask people to guess what your luxuious and stylish rug is made of.

Benefits: visually intreguing, elegant and soft

PN-L Coir Panama.jpg


Coir Luxury, crafted from 100% coir fibers is sourced sustainably and completely biodegradable. Coir offers a multitude of benefits that make it an exceptional choice for use in area rugs. The natural golden hues and rich texture of coir carpets not only exude warmth but also provide a comforting and inviting atmosphere to any space.

One of the key advantages of coir carpets is their durability, as they are made from the sturdy fiber of coconuts, ensuring they can withstand frequent use and with proper care, last for many years. This longevity makes them a practical and cost-effective option for those seeking both quality and sustainability in their home decor.

Coir Luxury stands out as an excellent option for area rugs due to its sustainable sourcing, durability, versatility in design, and ability to bring warmth and character to any living space.

Benefits: durable, unique, environmentally concious

NE6022 New England Woodstock.jpg


Polypropylene is an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor rugs due to its remarkable qualities.

Sisal Polypropylene Rugs offer the look and texture of Sisal while being specifically designed for outdoor use, making them perfect for high-traffic indoor areas as well. These are non-toxic and are not only durable but also soft to the touch. They are resistant to fading and mildew, ensuring they maintain their beauty even when exposed to the elements.

With a wide range of patterns, colors, and textures available, outdoor sisal polypropylene rugs provide a versatile option to enhance the aesthetics of your patio, bathroom, or any other space in your home. Their combination of durability, softness, and aesthetic appeal makes them a fantastic choice for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Benefits: easy clean, water resistant, pet proof and bathroom suitable

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