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Small Boucle ‘C’ Anthracite Sisal Rug with Cotton Chenille Oatmeal Border in classical styled lounge with large fireplace

Small Boucle ‘C’ Anthracite Sisal Rug with Oatmeal Border

PriceFrom £228.66

Small Boucle 'C' Anthracite exudes a captivating graphite allure and a luxuriously inviting texture, making it the perfect choice for those who value the essence of home. Radiating warmth and sophisticated charm, this natural sisal rug has robust fibers. The sooty black hue, adorned with strands of white, creates a dappled visual display with softening overtones, adding to its visual appeal.

Small Boucle 'C' Anthracite stands out with its resilient natural fibers, making it more than just a visual delight; it's a practical solution for high-traffic zones like hallways, stairs, or playrooms, demonstrating remarkable durability against wear.

The distinguished herringbone pattern, a symbol of refined aesthetics, introduces a refreshing visual appeal to your surroundings. Drawing inspiration from twill fabric and embracing a sense of British heritage, Small Boucle 'C' Anthracite achieves a visually balanced fusion of patterns and texture, effortlessly rejuvenating any living space.

Small Boucle 'C' Anthracite, graced with its sophisticated graphite hue, reminiscent of the mineral it's named after. This design, featuring hints of whites and grays, seamlessly blends style with functionality, making it an optimal choice for frequently traversed areas within your home.

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