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Natural Jute Tweed Rug with Single Linen Twill Slate Border

Natural Jute Tweed Rug with Single Linen Twill Slate Border

PriceFrom £200.97

Slate accents can be complimented using our Jute Tweed rug, featuring a natural tone Linen Twill Slate border.

Crafted from the finest stalks of the Corchorus plant, native to the monsoon landscapes of India and Bangladesh, this rug seamlessly blends a timeless twill weave with distinctive organic fibres.

Experience the remarkably soft feel and naturally charming aesthetic that sets Jute Tweed apart as one of the most exquisite natural rug options available.

Indulge in the warm, golden-neutral hue of the rug, boasting luxuriously soft and intricately interwoven fibers that create a soothing sensation beneath your feet. Ideal for those with an environmental conscience, our rug is fashioned from a renewable resource, highlighting the eco-friendly attributes and swift regrowth cycle of jute.

The sharp distinction of the Linen Twill Slate border keeps nature in focus, but shifts in the direction of the mineral and grounding influence of stone.

A proclamation of style and versatility, this rug adds a chic touch to any space, whether it's a lounge, snug corner, or bedroom. Immerse yourself in the flexible, earthy texture this rug brings to your living area, seamlessly blending comfort with a touch of nature in an undeniably refined manner.'

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