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Natural Jute Jhutex Rug with Single Leather Aubergine Border

Natural Jute Jhutex Rug with Single Leather Aubergine Border

PriceFrom £318.66

Find your voice with our bespoke Jute Jhutex rug with an eyecatching Leather Aubergine border.

Crafted from the finest stalks of the Corchorus plant, native to the monsoon landscapes of India and Bangladesh.

Experience a harmonious blend of unexpected softness and a naturally luxurious aesthetic with this rug. The eyecatching Leather Aubergine border makes a clear statement of standing out over fitting in.

Savor the indulgent texture of luxuriously soft and thick jute fibers seamlessly interwoven, delivering a lavish sensation underfoot. The cozy neutral hue effortlessly blends with any design scheme, offering versatility that complements diverse living spaces.

Transform your living room, snug, or bedroom with this rug, introducing an element of elegant counterbalance that infuses depth and texture into your space. Immerse yourself in the allure of natural flooring with our Jute Jhutex rug, where craftsmanship meets comfort, creating a truly captivating addition to your home.

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