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7 Reasons for Purchasing a Natural Rug

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

So often customers come to us and are unsure whether to purchase fully fitted flooring for their room or to go with a made to measure rug. With this in mind I thought I would summarise some of the great advantages of going for the rug option.

1. All our Rugs are Made to Measure so you are no longer limited to the few standard sizes that are more widely available in many carpet and rug shops.

2. You have total control on the design and colour scheme of your rug and we happily post out samples for you to choose from in the comfort of your own home.

3. You have the wide choice of Jute, Coir, Sisal, Seagrass or Wool for your rug and have this bordered with a cotton, linen, leather or suede border from a variety of different colours.

4. A made to measure rug is a cheaper option than having the same material fully fitted.

5. If you feel like a change you can roll up your rug and move it to another room in your house.

6. If you move house you can again roll up your rug and take it with you.

7. The most important reason of all is that We Make the Rug that makes the Room.

Contact us for further information samples or prices.

Visit our Rug Designer to design your very own Natural Rug

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