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Cleaning of Natural Rugs

Updated: Feb 22

Sisal and all the other Natural fibre floor coverings and rugs are very absorbent and under no circumstances should they be wet shampooed or wet cleaned.

As with conventional floor coverings in order to keep Sisal looking at its best it needs regular attention. A light clean with a suction vacuum cleaner at least once a week will remove surface dirt before it becomes embedded in the fibres. Always avoid vacuum cleaners with a beater bar as this can cause some damage to the surface of the Sisal.

In cases of heavy soiling with mud etc. allow to dry then brush with a stiff brush to loosen the soil and then vacuum up with a suction cleaner.

Should a spillage occur it is important to tackle this immediately. It is best to soak up as much as possible with a dry cotton cloth or kitchen towel using a kneading motion. Then to clear any stain use a cleaner specifically formulated for Natural Flooring such as the Crucial Trading Cleaning Kit. It is recommended to keep one of these handy for emergencies as early treatment is often the key to successful cleaning of a stain. You can purchase a cleaning kit and obtain information on what is contained in the kit by following this link.

We also have a handy aftercare guide that gives a lot of very helpful information on How to Clean Nature Fibre Rugs and Runners. It can be found here.

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