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Rug Backing Guide

On the back of most Rugs there will often be a material referred to as a rug backing. Not all Rugs require a backing but this layer serves many functions where it does appear. It helps improve the durability and stability of the Rug Fibre's weave and can even make the Rug less slippy on wooden, stone, and tiled subflooring. Each Rug's backing is chosen as a suitable pairing for the Rug's main material.

We're written this guide to each of the rug backing materials that we provide with our rugs. This guide's aim is to help you understand the backing and its suitability for your circumstances. In most cases all the rug backings will be equally suitable for the home, but there are some things to remain aware of.

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Natural Latex Backing

Natural latex originates from the sap of rubber trees. Primarily, this latex backing is employed to enhance the structural integrity of the rug, ensuring the weave remains aligned. Additionally, it serves as an anti-slip layer, providing added safety by preventing the rug from sliding on smooth surfaces.

In the first few days of laying a new Natural Latex-backed rug, there may be some normal flaking. This settles over time and is not something to be concerned about.

It's important to note that Natural Latex is an organic material and synthetic cleaning products can damage it over time. Additionally, underfloor heating that is left at a high heat for many days will also damage this layer.

If you have any concerns related to the above considerations a rug underlay can illiminate these issues, offering an extra layer of protection and stability.

Jute Backing

Jute Rug Backing.png

Rug backings crafted from Jute originate from the fibrous strands of the Corchorus capsularis plant. These fibers undergo a meticulous process where they are first shredded and then spun into a hatchwork of warp and weft. Jute is a great choice for rug backing applications. The resulting woven jute rug backings are characterized by their strength, and durability.

However, it's important to note that Jute backings do not inherently possess non-slip properties. As such, it is advisable to use a rug non-slip underlay beneath these rugs, especially in locations where movement or slippage is a concern.

Action Backing

Action Back Rug Backing.png

Action Backing refers to a specialized form of rug and carpet backing, crafted from interwoven synthetic fibers. This backing enhances the sound-absorption qualities of the rug, significantly boosts its durability, and extends its lifespan. It plays a crucial role in lending stability and form to the overall weave of the rug.


Many of our Wool collection utalises action backing.

However, it's important to note that action backing does not inherently prevent slipping. Therefore, for added safety and to ensure the rug remains firmly in place, we strongly recommend pairing action-backed rugs with an appropriate rug anti-slip tape or underlay.

No Backing

No Backing.png

Our Polypropylene (Indoor/Outdoor Rugs) Rugs are designed without backing, facilitating optimal airflow throughout the rug.


For our New England Sisal Rugs, we highly recommend using a rug pad to enhance stability, especially in areas where the rug may shift underfoot.


While not needed when the rug is secured in place by furniture, incorporating a non-slip rug tape or underlay not only adds a layer of cushioning for added comfort but also contributes to extending the lifespan of the rug.

Extra Support

Does your new rug need a boost to its cushioning, to feel more luxurious underfoot?


Does your new rug need a helping hand to be more non-slip, to ensure your Rug or Runner won't move underfoot?


Then perhaps you need to consider selecting an Underlay?

Underlay will provide added insulation for cosiness, extra sound proofing between floors, non-slip protection to sure up your rug underfoot - all of this makes it the perfect companion to your new rug.


If you'd like to check out our Underlay options, use the link below to find our full range.

Rug Backing Information

Manufacturers meticulously choose the type of backing for each rug and carpet, a decision that is final and cannot be altered or modified by us.


You can find detailed information about the specific type of backing used for each weave/collection by checking the Specifications Tab associated with each product.


Begin designing your unique custom rug today and bring your vision to life!

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