Our Natural Fibre Rugs are extremely hard wearing but to ensure that they keep their appearance it is necessary to maintain a regular cleaning routine including immediate attention to any spillages.


Due to the nature of our Natural Rugs they can be prone to water marking when water is spilt onto them (particularly the lighter shades). To minimise this problem and to improve the overall staining properties of the product,we recommend that your Natural Rug is treated with INTEC Stain Protection, this is done prior to despatch in Crucial Trading's Rug Room. This costs just an extra £3.50 per sq metre on your rug and is well worth having.  It will give you time should a spillage occur to get a dry cloth or kitchen roll and soak up the spillage before it starts to penetrate into the Rug.


Should a spillage not be noticed for a while or In the case of a severe spillage we recommend the use of Crucial Trading's Stain Removal & Cleaning Kit. The set comes complete with cleaning solutions, applicators, full instructions and can be purchased below.

General Care

Because all of Natural Fibre Rugs have a latex backing, dust and dirt build up underneath the rug is minimal and to remove surface dust and dirt from your rug a light cleaning with a suction vacuum cleaner (not a beater bar) is recommended.  Cleaners with a beter bar can cause damage to the surface of the rug.


In cases of heavy soiling with mud etc. this should be allowed to dry, then using a stiff brush along the weave structure, brush the soil loose and then vacuum with the suction cleaner.


It is recommended that your rug be given a thorough vacuum at least once a week using a non-beater bar suction type cleaner.


Crucial Trading Care and Cleaning Kit