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How to Choose the Best Size Rug for Your Hallway or Landing

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Discover the perfect rug size for your Hallway or Landing area with our friendly guide!


When it comes to these spaces within the home they are often the last to be refined, but they are so important as they are considered high traffic.

A great hallway can act as a palate cleanser between interior spaces, or as a showstopping introduction to a home!


We've got some handy tips to help you nail the perfect fit. Dive in with us and let's make your dining space truly special. And remember, our collection of Natural Rugs is waiting to add that touch of magic to your meals. Let's find your perfect match!

General Suggestions

There are no solid rules in interior design. It is your home and your opinion is paramount. When it comes to hallways, landings, or any runner rug the key is balance.


It is usually best practice to ensure that there is equal space on each side of the runner and that it runs the entire length of space so that it doesn't make the hallway area look tighter.

1) Aesthetically guides the eye along the perspective of the passageway.


2) It makes the area look more expansive if the rug doesn't stop long short of the area.

3) This approach reduces the likelihood of tripping in areas of the home that are high traffic - keeping a consistent under-foot surface is very important.

Best Practice

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Best Avoided

Hallway Don't.png

How to Measure for a Perfectly Sized Hallway Runner or Landing Rug

  • Full Length First: The quickest way to determine the best size for a new runner is to measure the entire length of the area you want covered first. You will usually want to reduce the length by 30cm give or take depending on preference.

  • How wide?: When you have the length, next measure the width wall-to-wall. You'll not want a runner this wide, but you can take this figure and calculate an appropriate width from it. Take a piece of fabric, such as an empty pillowcase, and lay it next to the wall. Experiment with the distance until you are comfortable. Usually this will be from 10-30cm. Double that and remove it from the width of the space to find the width the runner needs to be.

  • Frame it well: To decide on the border, take a look at the accent colours in the space. With our extensive range of border options, you're sure to find a colour that fits in with the interior design you already have.

  • Go Custom: Got a unique hallway area? Consider a custom-sized rug for that perfect fit. Explore options using our Rug Designer Tool.

Ready to find the rug that will make your hallway complete? Explore our Natural Rugs Collection and bring your home to life!

Match to a Stair Runner

A great idea is to pair up a stair runner with your chosen hallway rug or runner. This pairing creates a flow to the space that adds a harmonising balance.

Did You Know: If you have existing stair runner, we can match our rugs and runners with that existing flooring. If we're not able to match exactly, one of our interior experts can suggest something to compliment the space.

Need to know how to measure for a stair runner? Check out this helpful guide...

What Next?

Got your eye on the ideal rug size for your hallway? Let's make sure it's a perfect fit!


Grab some masking tape or string and sketch out the "runer" on your floor. This visual trick confirms that the size you're considering is just right for your space, ensuring no surprises after you make your purchase.

And here's a pro tip to keep your hallway looking pristine: Opt for our Intec Stain Protection Treatment on any runner. It's our little secret to effortlessly resist those inevitable stains. Keep your high-traffic areas worry-free and your runner looking gorgeous for many years to come.

What Natural Rug Material is best
for a Hallway Runner?

You've aced the size, now let's pick the ultimate rug for your hallway.

Dive into our selection of Sisal, Polypropylene, and Luxury Coir Rugs, each championing stain resistance and durability. These materials are built for the hustle and bustle of your hallways, so you're free to express yourself with vibrant coloured borders to match your room's accents and bold weave patterns to dazzle visitors.

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