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Grace Rocky Cove Wool Rug with Cotton Herringbone Smokey Grey Border

Grace Rocky Cove Natural Wool Rug with Cotton Herringbone Smokey Grey Border

PriceFrom £300.65

Elevate your space with the understated elegance of Grace Rocky Cove, adorned with a Cotton Herringbone Smokey Grey border. This natural wool rug weaves a pebbled tapestry of timeless hues, combining dolphin grey with rich slate and soft shadows, inspired by the coastal drama of a natural outcrop. The loop wool construction, interspersed with speckled shades, creates a sophisticated depth of texture, adding a touch of finesse to any room design.

Crafted with precision from 100% New Zealand wool, the Grace collection offers a premium blend of softness and strength, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere.


This rug is perfectly poised to enhance the aesthetic of any discerning room, offering endless style and adaptability. Whether creating a cosy oasis of calm with its organic texture or bringing a fresh feeling to your space through its natural breathability, Grace Rocky Cove is a versatile masterpiece.

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