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Harmony Boucle Fresh Silver Sisal Rug with Cotton Herringbone Ruby & Steel Border

Harmony Boucle Fresh Silver Sisal Rug with Ruby & Steel Border

PriceFrom £247.67

This sophisticated design not only enhances visual allure but also brings a touch of elegance to any room. The Fresh Silver Sisal Rug hue of the Boucle Weave, coupled with the striking contrast of the Cotton Herringbone Ruby and Steel Border, creates a captivating blend of textures and patterns.

This instant classic from the Harmony Boucle collection is suitable for both modern and period properties, boasting a rich array of earthy shades where sisal fibers are tightly tuned together, akin to the soul-stirring voices of a cathedral choir. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this wonderfully tough material actively reduces wear and tear, showcasing rugged natural resilience.


Inspiring feelings of calm and security, this cool neutral shade is soothing to the senses, making it ideal for dreamy country or contemporary design schemes. With superior beauty and utility, this singular style is sure to transform your chosen space, providing everything you need for an elevated renovation that effortlessly combines durability and elegance.

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