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Sisal Rug Oriental Silver with Linen Twill Black Border

Oriental Silver Sisal Rug with Linen Twill Black Border

PriceFrom £236.97

This Silver Sisal Rug from the Oriental Range captivates observers from every angle. One is met with a glistening expanse of silvery beige, showcasing organic intricacies inherent in the classic sisal weave.

The captivating allure of a tiger-eye design, skillfully knotted to achieve both supreme strength and texture, introduces an element of true exotic beauty. Emanating an aura of old-world Asian opulence, the term "oriental" conjures a sense of intricate luxury, a sentiment mirrored in our collection of the same name.

Its rich textural depth beckons attention, whether adorning a hallway with an aura of eastern mystique and intregue or gracing a utility space with endurance and secretive luxury.

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