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Seagrass Rug with Moss and Ecru Cotton Herringbone Borders

Seagrass Rug with Moss and Ecru Linen Twill Border

PriceFrom £208.91

This Natural Seagrass Rug features a Double Linen Twill Border in Moss and Ecru. Seagrass is a perfect accompaniment to any room that needs a touch of natural beauty. Hardwearing and comfortable to step on, Seagrass has a braided weave that makes it great for high traffic areas of the home.

Crafted from the gentle magic of an underwater meadow, where strong, flowering grasses thrive in nutrient-rich waters, this rug embodies the unique resilience of a water plant. The classic lattice weave not only offers a distinctly heritage aesthetic but also showcases a smoother texture than other natural fibres, making it a static-free delight for your home.

Experience the refreshing scent of sweet summer hay when new, as this rug brings the outdoors in, creating a truly immersive environment. In a rich, aged neutral with a hint of sea green, Seagrass Original adds organic appeal to your space. Moreover, its natural fibres are not only renewable but also biodegrade naturally, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. With a durable waxy coating providing extra protection, this rug is a perfect fit for high-traffic areas like the hallway, playroom, or living room, ensuring both style and durability for your home.

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