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Natural Seagrass Rug with Bespoke Leather Border Colour Pearl

Seagrass Rug Basketweave with Leather Pearl Border

PriceFrom £313.12

This Natural Basketweave Seagrass Rug features a Single Leather Pearl Border. Seagrass is a perfect accompaniment to any room that needs a touch of natural beauty. Hardwearing and comfortable to step on, Seagrass has a braided weave that makes it great for high traffic areas of the home.

This rug manages to step across both classical and modern interior style boundaries. Seagrass Basketweave is crafted from 100% Seagrass. Where low-lying land is often submerged, strong, flowering grasses can be found in the nutrient-rich waters beneath dappled sunlight. A large Seagrass rug or Seagrass Runner is sure to complete any space.

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