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Sisool as the name suggests is a mix of Sisal and Wool, combining the textures of the Sisal with the softness of the Wool giving a unique look and feel.  Our Sisool Natural Rugs come in five different ranges all with several colour options.


The border of a Sisool Rug can be either Cotton, Linen, Chenille, Leather or Suede and a colour of our choice from our vast range of different options.

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What is Sisool

As the name suggests Sisool is  a blend of both Sisal and Wool giving you the best of both worlds, the softness of wool and the strength of Sisal. This produces some very interesting textures with the contrast between the two fibres being very apparent.


There are several choices and styles of Sisool to choose from to make your unique Sisool Natural Rug.   Samples are available so you can see the colours and textures of the Sisool products for real.


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