Sisal Aztec Alabaster Natural Rug - with Ebony Suede HS5

Sisal Aztec Alabaster Natural Rug - with Ebony Suede HS5


Sisal Aztec Natural Rug Colour Alabaster SZ752 with a Single Suede Border Colour Ebony HS5

  • Details

    Sisal Aztec Natural Rug Colour Alabaster SZ752, with a Suede Single Border Ebony HS5 Size 152 cms x 92 cms (5' x 3').  Sisal Aztec is also available in three additional colours.  Sisal can be used in any room of the house and is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers as dust mite cannot live Sisal. It is extremely hard wearing and would last anything up to about 20 years under average domestic use. This Sisal Aztec Natural Rug is 152 cms long x 92 cms wide (5' x 3') but also comes in a further 3 standard sizes and also as a standard sized runner. 

  • Delivery

    All our rugs are made to order so delivery is at the moment around 6-8 weeks from date of order.  Longer than normal due to the unprecedented problems of the last 18 months or so.  We are endeavouring to shorten this delivery time over the coming months.  Should there be any problems with stock etc. we will contact you and let you know.

  • Other Options Available

    Should you require any of the other colourways, a different border or this rug made to a bespoke size, please call Val on 01285 711057 to discuss options or to obtain samples.