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Living Room Rug Size Guide

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Finding the perfect rug for your living room can transform it into a warm and inviting space, and our guide is here to make that process simple and enjoyable. In this guide, we’ve curated some amazing tips to help you select the ideal rug size that enhances the unique charm and character of your living room.

We’ll explore different rug arrangements, whether it’s placing a large rug under your coffee table and seating area or using smaller rugs to define different zones within the room. This guide will assist you in making a choice that ties the room together beautifully and ensures your rug fits perfectly with your furniture layout.

Join us as we dive into the best options to make your living room the ultimate space of comfort and style with our exquisite range of Natural Rugs.

How to Choose the Best Size Rug for Your Living Room

There are no solid rules, but usually you can arrange things by a set of considerations. When it comes to living room rugs, it is usually best practice to ensure that all your heavy furniture fits on the rug. This is good for three reasons.

  • Frames your furniture: Aesthetically it frames your furniture to link them into a single area for a specific purpose.

  • Reduces wear: Furniture will move if it is not all on the same level, this can lead to added wear.

  • Reduces chance of tripping: This approach reduces the likelihood of tripping in areas of the home that are high traffic.

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How to Measure for a Perfectly Sized Living Room Rug

Do you want to make your living room into a cosy haven of comfort, style, and balance with the perfectly sized rug? Here are some easy tips:

  • Furniture First: Position your living room furniture just where you want it. This sets the stage for measuring.

  • Size It Right: Measure the space adding slightly more rug than the area you think, usually 40-80cm around the furniture so that it can be walked around while still in contact with the rug. This significantly reduces the chance of people tripping when people move through the space. This protects people, but also protects your floors. If you have less space, consider bringing the rug away from walls and more into the open area to create a feeling of space.

  • Big Is In: A rug that makes a room look larger is a rug that sits as wide and long as it can to frame the internal area of the room. Consider the side of a regular fitted carpet and then allow a border of 40-80cm from the wall all around. This effect tricks the mind into seeing the space as more expansive.

  • Run Along: If you have a coffee table between two sofas, consider framing the coffee table to draw focus to it.